Our Happy Place

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At Bridge to Best, we are most at home being in the kitchen…. also known as:

  • Cooking
  • Making dinner for the family
  • Making a mess in the kitchen
  • Preparing grub for hungry mouths
  • Engaging in culinary arts
  • Rustling up a feed
  • Getting back in the kitchen.

We love it. Can’t get enough.

After a catastrophic injury or due to a lifelong disability, many clients report this is a task that is challenging however yet still meaningful.

This can be a wonderfully satisfying goal for us to work on together.

There are so many reasons that cooking/meal preparation can be challenging for our clients. Some may include:

  • Physical difficulties
    • That can include the loss of function of an arm, weakness
  • Fatigue is common after a brain injury, causing extreme exhaustion – making meal preparation difficult.
  • Cognitive difficulties are a big focus area for Bridge to Best and can include:
    • Memory – difficulty remembering steps, safety, etc
    • Sequencing/planning – difficulty getting the steps in order, getting the steps right, coordinating the steps together, etc
    • Keeping attention – difficulty staying on task
    • Following instructions – many recipes are too complex to follow
    • Problem-solving – running out of an ingredient, doubling a recipe etc

Bridge to Best welcomes your contact if cooking is a skill you are looking to learn or get back to!